Funding / Financial issues

The aim is for Simbiri Health Centre to become financially self reliant. This is a realistic aim as much progress has been made over the years.

When Simbiri Health Centre was first opened in 1993 it was almost entirely funded by supporters via the Simbiri Trust. At present, about three quarters of the income needed to maintain and run the facility is actually generated from the Health Centre itself. The main sources of income on site are:

  • Clinic fees paid by patients who can afford it. The fees we charge are much less than most other health facilities in the region. Essentially, patients get very affordable and subsidized health care.
  • National health income fund (NHIF). This is Kenyan Government scheme. It is a bit like National Insurance in the UK. Kenyan citizens can chose to pay a monthly fee to be registered on this scheme (and many do). They then get basic health care for free but the health facility has to claim back the fee from the government. It is a very bureaucratic and paper hungry scheme which involves lots of form filling by our staff. Often the reimbursements to the Health Centre are frustratingly very delayed. But, it has made a big difference to our income.
  • Income generation schemes from the Health Centre – mortuary, cafe, carpentry (mainly coffins), and the farm project. We are looking into other possible income generation schemes.

In addition, capital expenses are all paid for by the Simbiri Trust when funds become available. This includes all the building work, equipment, setting up income generating schemes, etc.

A realistic goal in the near future – even within the next year – would be to see the day-to-day running costs totally funded by the income generated by the Health Centre itself. This would mean more of the Trust money could be used to fund capital projects, buy more equipment, and to generally improve the services available at the Health Centre.

The trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters of the Simbiri Health Centre for their generous financial support over the years. This really has made a huge difference to the health and well-being of the people living around Simbiri. And please note: all money given goes directly to the running of and development of the Health Centre. The trustees are all volunteers and give their time and energies freely. Dr Tim Kenny and Dr Ann Egan who visit the Health Centre from time to time fund their own trips.

Chief Benson (pictured above) is the local chief – like a local mayor. He is on the local management committee of the Heath Centre. He too sends his thanks and best wishes to the Simbiri Trust and their supporters. He has been a great advocate of the Health Centre for many years and provides invaluable local support, advice and help.


Page last updated November 2016