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Simbiri Health Clinic is situated in rural western Kenya, about 2km from the village of Kosele, which is a few kilometers from Kendu Bay on the shore of Lake Victoria. The nearest big town is Kisii, about an hours drive away. The nearest airport is in the city of Kisumu – about two hours drive away. The drive to Kisumu takes you along the road running next to Lake Victoria. It is about a six hour drive to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The surrounding countryside is mainly fields growing maize, although some other crops are also produced, but also a lot of scrub-land. There are many tiny villages and hamlets around the area. There is a good tarmacked road from Kisumu to Kendu Bay but the last hour or so of the journey is very bumpy on dirt roads full of pot holes. When very wet these are very difficult to travel on because of the mud. When dry, they are very dusty.

Some typical scenes nearby….

The local Baptist church is just a 10 minute walk away.

Dee walking to local Baptist church

Dee walking to local Baptist church


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