About the Simbiri Trust

The Simbiri Trust is a UK charity (no 1008375) that supports the work of the Simbiri Health Clinic. The Simbiri Trust is the operational name of the K and D 61-1 Trust.  The trustees live around Tyneside, UK, but supporters come from many places in the UK and overseas.

The main function of the Trust is to raise money to support the work of the Simbiri Health Centre. The Trust also raises money to fund capital projects. For example, the Trust has:

  • Funded all of the building work at Simbiri Health Centre.
  • Funded much of the medical equipment used in the Health Centre.
  • Funded the vehicle.
  • Given capital funding to commence the farm project at Simbiri Health Centre.
  • Funded the generator.

A main aim of the Simbiri Trust is to help the Simbiri Health Centre to become self reliant. The aim is for this is to be within the next 2 years (by 2020). The main emphasis of any new capital expenditure is to help in the progress of the Health Centre to become self reliant.

The Trust also provides expertise and advice, primarily medical and administrative. Currently, the medical oversight of Simbiri Health Centre is provided by one of the Trustees, Dr Tim Kenny. He is in weekly contact with staff at Simbiri by email and/or phone, and visits the Health Centre at least once per year.

maize distributionThe Trust has also, from time to time, sent money to Simbiri to help with famine relief. For example, in 2013 there was a drought in the area around Simbiri which led to the first harvest of the year being very poor. Many people had very little or no food whilst awaiting the next, better, harvest. The Trust allocated £500 to be used to distribute maize to the most in need. About 100 local people, mainly widows, received enough maize to tide them over until the next harvest. The picture shows the local chief helping with the distribution of maize.

Who funds the Simbiri Trust?

There are a number of supporters who give regularly (many by monthly standing order). But the Trust also bids for sponsorship from larger funding organizations and charitable institutions. The trustees also hold fundraising events from time to time.


Page last updated May 2018